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Guest Fede_Rinhos
Mi dice che c'è un problema di certificazione.... che vuol dire???? :girl_impossible:

lo fa anche a me, ma a me lascia andare avanti.

cmq il testo è questo:

Hindemith set out to compose at least one sonata for every instrument, and he didn't miss many. Four weeks ago in this series we heard his Sonata for Bass Tuba and Piano, the last of all his sonatas, composed in 1955. Trumpet sonatas are somewhat less rare, to be sure, than tuba sonatas, but still not overly plentiful—and few contain music of such urgency as this one.

This sonata was one of several Hindemith composed in 1939, as part of his project to supply music of substance and challenge to serious amateur performers on various instruments. This particular work took on a depth quite beyond the scope of its companion sonatas; it became one of Hindemith's most personal expressions, and in that sense suggests a link to such works as the opera Mathis der Maler and the more familiar three-part symphony he created from materials in that work—the music that became the flashpoint of his unplanned confrontation with the Nazi authorities in his native country.

In 1939, the year he composed this sonata, Hindemith was living as an exile in Switzerland, where he watched his own country annex Austria, occupy Czechoslovakia and finally ignite World War II by invading Poland, while its leaders were intensifying their obsession with anti-Semitism and moving determinedly toward full-scale genocide. The Trumpet Sonata, perhaps to Hindemith's own surprise, became a protest and a profound lamentation.

The work is in three movements. The first ( Mit Kraft ) is brooding and restless, punctuated with dramatic outbursts from the piano. The second ( Mässig bewegt ) shows the character of a march, but with a pronounced undercurrent of tension. The final one, as its heading indicates ( Trauermusik—Choral ) is an out-and-out funeral piece, eventually leading to a certain level of grieving resignation expressed in the form of a chorale on a theme Hindemith adapted from an unrelated earlier work.

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Ciao a tutti sono Niccolò! Ho iniziato a suonare il pianoforte all'età di 5 anni, e a 15 anni sono entrato in conservatorio iniziando così a suonare il corno francese (ormai 4 anni e mezzo fà)...ora sono al quinto anno e studio con il mitico nilo caracristi! :)

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