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  1. Following the statutory aims that provide promotion of the Historical Organs Heritage in the Fribourg region and the encouragement of young people in organ studies, the Fondation Académie d’Orgue de Fribourg is offering a scholarship for organ students who want to study at Fribourg University of Music (HEMU - Site de Fribourg in the Academic Year 2015/16. The successful candidate will also be invited to play a concert in the Fribourg International Organ Festival. Closing date for applications: 1st March 2015 Application procedure: all candidates must send the application form, a detailed curriculum vitae, a copy of academic degrees, a copy of ID and three letters of recommendation to the address: Fribourg Organ Academy C.P. 51, CH 1701 Fribourg, Switzerland Candidates may also be required to do an audition. At the same time all candidates must apply for entrance examination at HEMU by sending a mail to Mr. Jean-Pierre Chollet, director of HEMU, site of Fribourg: The eventual audition for the scholarship can be organized the same day as the entrance exam. For further information please contact: Scholarship Amount: 5000 CHF/year and a concert in the Fribourg International Organ Festival. more info ->
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