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  1. Hello Everyone!! Offering is a very rare, beautiful violin made around 1700-1800. The exact date is hard to estimate after consulting with world experts such as the Carl Becker and Son violin shop, who believes this violin to be the work of 18th century. On the other hand, Reuning and Sons violin shop believes this violin to be made around 1800s. /> The violin has a very beautiful one piece back with trace of antiquity observable from the scratches that were made long time ago. The violin has several repaired cracks as very usual of this age, but no bass bar/ soundpost,back or scroll cracks that will affect the sound. In addition, as seen from the pictures, the little ebony piece at the button is missing. The violin has a grafted scroll with the: overall measurement- 23 1/2'' back-14'' upper bout 6 1/2'' lower bout 8'' Notably, the violin has a very characteristic ff holes that perhaps resembles the early English violin maker, the Pamphilon family during the 1700s. Similarly, after contacting with the head of the musical department of Bonham's auction in UK, Mr. Scott, thought that this violin is in the style of early English. I would like to note that because the age and origin of this violin are not unanimous, I will not state specifically where and when is this violin exactly from. The violin exhibits a singing voice. With the age of the wood, the violin is both very responsive and mature. The E string is bright but not to the point where it's sharp and uncomfortable. When I play Ziguenerweisen with this violin, the lower register completely dominates with its very deep and sonorous sound. The violin is fully set up and in playing condition. The shipment will be packaged very well with the accompany of an antique case as a first protection together with the packaging material and a customized boxe that ensures second degree of protection. The violin will also be insured with tracking number provided immediately after the shipment. Please do consider this great opportunity of owning a very old, well preserved, and aesthetically great looking violin! Thank you very much in reading the post and Happy Bidding!
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